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    • turbulence

      Turbulent Themes

      Turbulence has been one of the big themes last year into this year. After a couple of conferences (in the […]

    • mt_turbulent-zones_900

      Turbulent Zones

      Can complex change be designed, even predicted? What is preparednesswhen it comes to managing environmental transformation? I’m talking today about […]

    • mt_the-nameless-shadowy-vortext_900

      The Nameless Shadowy Vortex

      Emanuel Swedenborg’s (1688-1772) work Heaven and Hell is a geography of the afterworld. In relation to the dead, we, the […]

    • mt_finding-place-forum_900

      Finding Place Forum

      Often talking about place gets caught up in structures that inhibit creativity. Community consultation often intensifies disaffection or deepens divisions. […]