Commissioned by the Northern Territory Department of Planning and Infrastructure, and realized in collaboration with Dyskors, Zipcode runs along Smith Street East, between the CBD and the Darwin Waterfront Precinct.

Zipcode is the interpretative overlay for the Smith Street East Walkway. It’s design celebrates the many stories that lend Darwin its unique sense of place. The uniqueness of Zipcode is that it connects both ways; it connects the CBD with the new Waterfront Precinct and Civic Park with State Square, zipping together the many stories that have created Darwin.

The Zipcode stories can be read as you move along the walkway. On a series of plaques that present the region’s mosaic of multicultural communities. Different languages and calligraphic scripts spell out ‘Darwin’ and ‘You are here’, paying homage to the many people from all over the globe who have made this place their home.

Locally significant materials are used in the walkway: Western Red Cedar (reflecting Darwin’s Chinese heritage), riveted steel (Port of Darwin’s marine heritage), pearl shell (the Greek community and multicultural pearling industry) and porcellanite stone (reflecting Darwin’s colonial heritage).

Four ground patterns celebrate the generations of travellers that have helped shape Darwin’s identity. A playful stepping-stone inlay, using the style of old sea charts, evokes the ancient trade routes that historically link Darwin to South-East Asia. The shape of the rents is based on the burn marks in an Australian flag recovered from the 1942 bombings, and now preserved in the Darwin City Council offices.

Granite bleachers set into the pavement spell out the word RESILIENCE in Morse code, commemorating the linkage of Australia and England by telegraph in 1871, while glass panels celebrate Darwin’s other great journey – the theory of evolution, linked to the city’s namesake, Charles Darwin. Designs etched into the glass reflect the four vital elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Poetic texts evoke the stories behind these images.